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Music Interview – Zachary Schneider (Totally Mild/Free Time/Great Outdoors/Full Ugly/Milk Teddy)

Words By: Laurent Shervington

Hello Zach, how are things going?

I’m well thanks, I’ve just come home from Hobart today, it’s so beautiful over there.

I understand your recent tour with Free Time was the first time you’ve visited Perth, what did you think?

Well first things first, the weather is excellent. I had a few people tell me how freezing it was on a 25 degree day, that was interesting, try out Hobart mates! All jokes aside, I love it in Perth. I think my favourite thing is how much everyone plays RTRfm. Every house I went to someone would ask, “You wanna listen to some music” and then just throw on community radio. Even North Perth Bowls Club plays it all day. It was pretty amazing to find that you guys have such a strong sense of community. Maybe stronger than Melbourne’s.

Did you get a chance to catch any local bands?

Ye I did, great stuff across the board. I think my favourite was ‘Kitchen People’. They have a great Devo kinda thing going on. Also the bass tone on that Rickenbacker… Goddamn’ sounded like The Buzzcocks or something.

What’s it like working on so many projects all at once? I bet organising rehearsals must be challenging at times. 

Well I’m currently in 5 active projects, Totally Mild, Free Time, Great Outdoors, Full Ugly & Milk Teddy – It’s really just a lot of fun with incredible people, no complaints here.

Do you find your playing style differing much between projects? 

Ye definitely,  I’ve played in so many bands over the years and have always tried to go for something different in every one. Maybe my being in them ties them together somehow? I guess it’s hard to tell when you’re actually a part of the bands themselves.

So Great Outdoors released ‘Dad’s Oasis’ late last month, what was the recording process for that?

That record was home recorded. Then I took it to Phaedra Studios and mixed with a dear friend of mine John Lee. It was a scattered process. At that point I was in about 10 bands. So as you would gather, it came together in bits and pieces. That was all for the better. It felt like the more time we gave that record the more interesting it became. It’s out now on Popfrenzy, a label from Sydney, go check it out.

Any plans to tour that record in Perth too? 

Not as such, but we’ll see what happens. I would definitely love to come to Perth as much as humanly possible.

On top of this you’re back in Perth touring with Totally Mild in July! What can we expect from this tour? 

We’ll play everything we’ve got for you guys, we’re just finishing our next record so there’ll be a bunch new songs. We’ll play plenty off Down Time as well for all you beautiful Perthians who gave that one repeated spins. We really can’t wait to get there.     

Any other future plans for other projects?

Well actually my next door neighbour and I have hatched a project that may be called The Casement Tapes. The idea is to have an open invite to rehearsals. So… get a bunch of friends to come together (whoever can on whatever day/night). We get a case of beer, we’ll learn a song or two in a night, throw it down on a four track immediately and move on. The triple LP shouldn’t take us too long to get together. I think it’ll be titled “Smashed Eggs & Cut Flowers”.

Make sure to catch Totally Mild at the Bird on the 2nd of July with Childsaint and Akioka!

Event here.