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Frankenstein by Second Chance Theatre @ Nexus Theatre

Words By: Laurent Shervington

It’s an interesting thought that we’re currently living in a period in history in which medical breakthroughs such as Personalised treatment and Human Genome studies can be on the horizon, which have the potential to change how we view healthcare and infectious diseases.

That said, I’m certain there’ll always be a prescription for fine retellings of classic prose, no matter the archival nature of the alchemy. Non-profit organisation Second Chance Theatre also sees the value in such sentiments, exhibiting Mary Shelley’s 1818 masterpiece Frankenstein as their final production in a run of shows known as The Gothics.

Image credit: EClaire Photography

Adapted, directed by and starring the excellent Scott McArdle at Nexus Theatre, Frankenstein did not disappoint in its incredible smorgasbord of horror, love and tragedy that channelled the emotions of the original while using well-updated dialogue and set design that made it an exceptional production overall.

McArdle’s monster strayed from many of the pop culture “lightning and neck-bolts” representations, instead bringing it to life through passionately performed dialogue and realistic attire, adding a strong element of humanity to it. The chemistry between Frankenstein and his monster was visibly tight, perhaps helped by the fact Laughton McKenzie (Frankenstein’s monster) was McArdle’s peer at Murdoch University.

Image credit: EClaire Photography

The stage setup and was also very well put together, allowing scenes to flow very smoothly and without much delay. The soundtrack was created by local composer Drew Krapljanov, whose mostly piano and violin based pieces complemented the scenes superbly, helping to curate the emotive peaks the play is known for.

If you can make sure to catch the last night of the play tonight at Nexus Theatre, tickets here.