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RTRFM 2016 Radiothon Interview Quickies: French Rockets

Words By: Laurent Shervington, Interviewee: Carl Properjohn

You released your last album Arc around this time last year, how do you view the album a year on?
It has its own interesting mood. I think we did the job of capturing where we were at that point in time.   It was recorded some time ago as well…. we all feel like we’re in a different place now to where we were then. There is a definite distance with the album now which is putting us in the right mindset for the next recording.

Have certain songs taken on a new form over this time?
Yes and no. Some songs are more malleable than others and with the nature of how we play live they have a unique air about them.

What is the current state of French Rockets; are you looking at recording new material or focusing on your live show?
We’ve just finished putting our new studio space together, so the focus is on recording.

Do you have any memories of past RTRFM Radiothon Parties?
No. Which generally means it was a good night.

What role do you think RTR play in the Perth music scene?

A very important one. Our first radio play was on RTR, and the station continues to be a great support for French Rockets. Without stations like RTR, many bands would have a hard time getting a start within their community.

RTRFM’s Radiothon is on the 13th of August, here’s a link to the Facebook event and tickets!