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RTRFM 2016 Radiothon Interview Quickies: Golden String

Words By: Laurent Shervington. Interviewee: Mai Barnes

For those unaware – who is Golden String and what sounds do you make?
Golden String is me (Mai) and Hayley. We make weird pop music with synths and strings and bad keyboard-generated percussion.

I hear you’ve been recording in the last month or so, how is that going?
Yeah, we’ve been recording! It’s a very slow process because I get about ten minutes of free time a week. But we’ll keep chipping away and hopefully will have an album by 2020.

Is there a specific sound you’re aiming for on the songs you’re recording?
I want the recordings to sound intricate but not clean; I like using warm, warbly tones and coating everything in an airy lo-fi haze. We’ve recorded many of the parts high and pitch shifted them down so that they sound a bit wonky.

Do you have a specific release date for an EP or Album?
Maybe during the next summer holidays? It would be a nice way to round out the year.

Do you have any memories of past RTRFM Radiothon Parties?
Last year, I went to the Radiothon Party with a lawyer dude I was crushing on. I started dancing, forgetting I was meant to be disguising my dorky personality. He never called me again. Oh well.

What role do you think RTR play in the Perth music scene?
RTR is vital to our local music scene, I think. I get really frustrated by how insular and homogeneous some Perth music circles are, but RTR is pretty consistent in promoting diversity and inclusivity. We need to hear a range of voices in our scene- on the radio and on stage. I can’t think of anything more important than that.

RTRFM’s Radiothon is on the 13th of August, here’s a link to the Facebook event and tickets!