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RTRFM 2016 Radiothon Interview Quickies: Childsaint

Words By: Laurent Shervington

For those unfamiliar, who are Childsaint and what music do you
Childsaint is Jane, Chloe, Ashlyn and Rhian. We play a smokey, dark, dreamy, alternative garage kinda thing.

You had your very first ever tour of Melbourne in June, how was that?
It was ace! I’m not sure if we can rightly call one show a tour, but we were lucky enough to play with some of our favourite bands – Totally Mild and Terrible Truths – who all turned out to be total sweethearts.

You get used to playing to the same faces in your own city. So flying across the country to play in a room full of strangers and to discover that the room is actually FULL of strangers, and they seem to like what you do, is pretty special. We kind of realised how big the music industry really is, and how the love and support we get in Perth is invaluable to encourage you to keep creating, especially when starting out.

I heard last month you also supported the legendary Swervedriver, how was that show?

It was a real pleasure. There’s something pretty special about getting to play on the same bill as the bands you were listening to as a teenager. We felt pretty good about playing to a crowd of die-hard shoe gazers.

Your single from this year Hallelujah Heartache has been getting glowing reviews, how did this track come about?

Jane wrote the song and we all added bits, basically. We’d been talking a lot about ways, styles and inspirations in song-writing… what do you write about when you’re happy, when your trials and tribulations aren’t all encompassing like they seemed in your early 20s? When Jane and Chloe first started writing together, we drew a lot from literature and poetry as a starting point for our own writing, and Hallelujah Heartache is us re-visiting that idea. In our own way, I think we are discovering a less youthful gaze in our music.

Any plans for releasing new music anytime soon?

We’ve been in the studio over the last couple of months, recording when we can. We’re planning on getting a new single out soonish, and then an album early next year, hopefully.

Do you have any memories of past RTRFM Radiothon Parties?
I’ve worked at the Radiothon Parties for the last 5 or 6 years. It’s always great seeing hundreds of people wandering from venue to venue & getting excited about local music. We love how it all comes together, the venues come alive and you feel great about partying for a good cause.

What role do you think RTRFM plays in the Perth music scene?

It’s essential. When you’re an emerging band, you can pretty much guarantee that the only place that’s going to play your music is community radio. As a listener, RTR is always introducing us to new artists and new music that you might never have discovered otherwise. And having the opportunity to be involved with the Radio station is an aspect of community that can be hard to find now, yet RTR also embrace this globalised and online world we are constantly moving into.

RTRFM’s Radiothon is on the 13th of August, here’s a link to the Facebook event and tickets!