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Music Interview: Marksman Lloyd

Words By: Laurent Shervington

What artists would you say have the most immediate influence on your music?
I would say Bob Dylan, Rodriguez and Tracy Chapman. They were some of my Dad’s favourites and I feel like listening to them when I was young was what made me want to be a story teller and write. I heard Tupac when I was 12 and started writing gangsta rap until I was 14 and I realised how ridiculous that is for a kid from Perth. I heard a crew called Jurassic 5 at that age and it was on. Nowadays it would be artists like J Cole, Chance the rapper and Frank Ocean.

Your new single ‘Seven Laps’ has been causing international commotion, what’s the track about?
The track is really about fear and the ways I have tried to escape from it since I was young. It’s like if fear was a person, it’s my letter to them saying I’m not gonna let you keep invading every aspect of my life. I just wanted to be real about the ways I feel like trying to run from that fear has manifested. “It took an ER to turn a sob story to a sobER story” is the first line of the second verse and that’s true. I fainted on a treadmill a few years back, found I was having issues with my heart and had a doctor telling me if I kept drinking as heavily as I was I was done for. Luckily I was able to turn that around and face some demons. I’m in a much healthier position today.

I understand you have an EP potentially coming out in Spring, how’s the recording process going?
We have a new EP called Portals coming out soon! I’m excited about putting out something new into the stratosphere… It feels like it has been a long time coming. As I grow I feel like I’m become more of a perfectionist. That has its ups and downs. The downs being that it takes a long ass time to put new material out. I used to pride myself on being a one take artist in the studio. I still hit those one take gems at times but I’m a much harsher critic on myself these days, I think. We are nearly there though. That’s a nice feeling.


What can people expect from your show at Babushka this Friday?
We’re shooting the film clip live on the night so they can expect to be a part of that which is cool. I’ve got a band joining me on stage which always brings another level of energy to a hip hop show. I’m excited about our supports Coin Banks, Alex Ford, Anders, LVYN, Beckon and Dex. They’re all artists I really vibe so it’s gonna be a killer night.

What lies in the future for Marksman Lloyd?
The focus is just making great music at the moment. Hopefully a tour later this year once the EP drops and then it’s just seeing how far we can take it. I’m excited for people to hear this new material. It’s our best yet.