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Music Interview: Mung Dahl

Words By: Laurent Shervington, Interviewee: Sam Rocchi

You released your EP ‘Pitching Noise’ in May, how do you see the release 3 months on?

We still remember the process and we definitely learnt heaps putting it together. Since we don’t play most of those songs anymore it feels more like a time capsule than something relevant. We have a constant drive to edit and build on ideas, so there’s a feeling that it needs fixing. But i’m told it’s better to leave a project finished, RIP EP. (We still have heaps of CDs by the way aha).

What influences (musical or non musical) do you see present in that release?

At the time I was into the idea of recurring melodies, which came from studying Western Classical music at uni, there’s only one in Pitching Noise but it’s a fun way to tie it together we thought. I notice a lot of Velvet Underground influence in the songwriting, even pulled out a viola for ‘Stranger’, and a general garage vibe is kept. But there’s a varied sound to each tune, maybe because the tracks included on the EP were written over a year of shed/stage jams, making it hard to pin down the influences we had during that period. Although boredom, intoxication and the people surrounding us were always involved.

Do you have a particular favourite from that EP?

The last track, ‘Tides’ is the fave. It captured the energy of our performances and Mark McEwan did a magic job mixing the live recording. It was also a larger collaboration which included extra musicians, projections and filming do have our friends directly involved in our project means a lot. The second half is a jam that happened at the end of the last take, it’s fun to listen to for the indulgence that it takes to release a 10 minute song and knowing we couldn’t play it that way again is nostalgic in a way.

Any plans for releasing new music in the near future?

Absolutely! We’ve a bunch of songs that we’re happy with and there are still more ideas we’re excited about. But we’ll probably be taking our time with the next project, let the tunes stew around while we accrue funds and finish degrees. There’s also thoughts about additional layers to the songs, so maybe more members will be included on future releases.

What can we expect from the show on Friday night?

It’ll be a party! Two stages, a wicked/eclectic/intimidating line-up, relentless jams and Oscar might still be in his Jazz outfit (cute af).