Soon You’ll Be Able To Get 10c Back For Recycling Drink Bottles, Cans

Words by: Smoko Henderson

A lot of people like to compare WA to the eastern states. All of us are familiar with that terminology, actually – “the eastern states” – that’s only a thing to us, and maybe the NT. Everyone else already is east.

The east of Australia: it is a place of whimsy, a place of slightly better architecture if you’ve never seen much of it, a place where the ultimate artistic spirit of mankind is free to attend 300 comedy galas a year.

However, one long lasting wound that the rest of Australia lashed upon us years ago is set, finally, to be healed. Do you know what I’m talking about? That’s right: the famous cash-back-recycling scheme.

You’ve all been regaled the tale of hoarding cans for later cashing in to the tune of three, six dollars, by a wide variety of family from interstate.

But now, thanks to the Colin Barnett government (who have definitely been sitting on this one waiting for a popularity stimulus package), in 2018, WA will be modern, progressive, and pro-recycling.

That last one isn’t meant to be snarky, being pro-recycling is actually pretty cool.

Allegedly starting in ‘mid 2018’, the cash back program will incentivise people to recycle (again, cool), and it’s not like the whole deposit scheme is alien to us. In fact, one would say it’s taken a long time to happen, but then one remembers that they live in Western Australia where things need long, long review periods, except for billion dollar contracts, and the decision to drive your ministerial car home, drunk as shit.

Of course, there’s underlying questions – will it actually happen? Will we find a way to lose money? Will Wilson Security run the scheme?