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Music Interview: Ah Trees

Words By: Laurent Shervington


Hey Harry, how’s it going?

Feeling good, feeling great, how are you?

For those unaware, who is Ah Trees and how long have you been a thing?

Ah Trees is myself (Harry) on bass, Ryan on vocals, Charles & Troy on guitars and Zach hitting the drums. We’ve been performing as a band since August last year, we’ve released two singles previously (bodies & chippy) and have played some awesome shows with great bands.

How do you guys feel you fit into the Perth scene at the moment? 

We have a lot of fun making music that we enjoy which we’re then lucky enough to share in venues across Perth with other musicians who are usually our mates, or if not soon will be. We don’t really give it much more thought than that as far as scenes go.

Any local bands you’re particularly enjoying recently?

There’s too many to mention! The guys are vibing in no particular order… Feels, Kitchen People, Moon Puppy Blues Band, Leopard Lake, Segue Safari, The Crystal Moth, Western Kinsmen of the Sun, Kopano, & SSLL | N/K.

So new single ‘Team Sports’, where did the idea for this come from?

The lyrics came from Ryan’s experiences while travelling in Asia, a few good, a few great, and some not so. The idea Team Sports came about once we’d finished recording the track, we were sitting outside the studio and someone mentioned how one of us was behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner, and it kind of went from there…

What was it like working with Sam Ford (POND, Abbe May, Peter Bibby)? 

It was great, we’ve worked with him before in the past in other projects so we knew what we were getting into from the get go. That being said each time we go into the studio we learn and grow as musicians and as a band. Sam really helped facilitate that. Our previous recordings were mostly done in Ryan’s home studio, so it was great to make full use of a professional studio and Sam’s talents.

’Team Sports’ is your third single in a row, any plans for a full release soon? 

Sure do, we saved up our pennies and recorded an EP which we’re releasing in November, Team Sports is the lead single from that.We’ll be going on national tour in November, travelling to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and here in Perth at Mojo’s.

What can we expect from your set at The Bird on Friday?

We make music to get people dancing, it’s what we love doing and we want people to get those vibes and groove too. It’ll be a big party, we’ve got both Troy and Zach’s birthday this week, Troy’s on the Friday night! So it will be a whole lot of fun and lots of energy.

Finally, what lies in the future for Ah Trees?

We’ve got a lot of great shows lined up from now till the new year and with the single launch, EP release and national tour we’ll be busy boys. And can’t wait!