Drink Drivers Face Breath Testing Equipment Installed in Personal Vehicle

Convicted drink drivers will have to give a breath test inside their own cars from the 24th of October next month, according to the Road Safety Commission.

Anybody caught committing a repeat drunk driving offense, or a ‘high level’ DUI offense, will be liable to receive the interlock system, which is a device attached to the ignition of the car.

Drivers will have to blow into the device and register a clear blood alcohol reading before the mechanism allows the car to start.

A new media campaign has launched today, featuring an obligatory bleak PSA surrounding the new road safety technology and the shame one will feel while using it, which is probably true.

The device is reportedly worth $1600 and will likely be placed on the recipient.

Anybody with an interlock system in their car will have their license flagged and is required to visit a service provider monthly to ‘analyse performance data.’

The ‘interlock scheme’ is being adopted for five years, but will only count for offences made after the measures are implemented.