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Music Interview – Bats

Words By: Laurent Shervington

For those unaware, who are Bats and what music do you make?

Bats are

Michael Paver – Vocals/Guitar

Jozef Grech – Guitar

Pete Acklin – Bass

Tim Stacey – Drums

We make rock and roll music. I guess think QOTSA trying to be the Kinks in a cake with a topping of BRMC and a garnish of Primal Scream?

You guys certainly aren’t new to the Perth scene, what was it like going into the project with that experience behind you?

The benefit of experience is that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. All the members have played in bands for a while and understand the nature of the beast and whats required for pull tones, get a good live sounds etc. We have all played in the scene in various shapes or forms but never together. The band has a good vibe and determination to play great shows, make great records and enjoy doing so.

What’s the songwriting process for the band?

We all bring ideas to the table, soooo many ideas. Usually a demo flys around recorded on a phone which sounds horrible we all decide what we dig and it gets jammed out in the studio and transferred to the stage.

What was the recording process like for the EP? Did you find it difficult to capture your live sound in the studio?

The EP was recorded before there was a band. Initially it was a solo studio project. I played all the instruments, bar drums Malcom Clarke did them and Andy Lawson Engineered. So in an instance it was easy.  The next record will be with full band which we are all excited to do. We all know where the sounds need to be so it should be a pretty fun time. Everything is always better collectively.

You released the single Alexus Nexus in 2015, where did that song come from?

I’m not sure really it was initially going to be heavier but then it went a bit dreamy but eerie dreamy. Most of the stuff we do has quite heavy undertones. The tune is about collective fear. Imagine there was an isolated town where no one knew fear and then it swept in like a fog and changed everyone’s perception of everything and everyone….but your guess is as good as mine as to where that thought came from? Every record has a curve ball song and this is the EP’s curve ball.

What can we expect from the set at 459 on the 8th?

Loud honest groove driven rock and roll, sweat, beverages and good times

What lies in the future for Bats?

Recording and releasing Album 1 starting early 2017 as pre-production on half the album is already done and gigs….lots of gigs