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Music Interview: Tijuana Cartel

Words By: Erin Puccinelli

Where are you right now?

I’m in Gold coast at the moment; a guy called Kerry who works for us has got a studio here so we’re just using his equipment.

You’re about to play a show for the Fremantle festival this November. What can we expect form your set?

We’ve got some extra guests coming on stage, we’re going to play some stuff off our recent album Psycadelitessen and just the usual Tijuana cartel brings

We’ve got a guy called Eamon Dillworth from the band Caravana Sun & The Dilworths. We’ve also got a great percussionist from Melbourne called Nuinoon.

You guys just did a few shows here in WA, including two in the rural towns of Broome and Hyde. Why are playing shows in all these remote areas around Australia important to you?  

We go to Broome once a year and we have a good time whenever we play there. We always get a good crowd, everyone comes out and dances and people travel a long way for a night out there so it’s still worth it for us.  The one at Hyde was actually a boutique festival called Wave Rock festival. It’s just a whole lot of people in the desert partying with a great atmosphere so it’s hard to say no.

For those who where unlucky and didn’t catch these shows, How have your live shows evolved since your last tour of Psycadelitessen?

Lots of new songs. We’ve got some new visuals we’ve added to the show and I just think it sounds a lot better. When we just played over in WA we had a lot of people saying it sounds better than it ever has so I feel like were at a new level.

Who have been the biggest influences of your live shows?

We where huge chemical brothers fans back in the day and are heavily influenced by them over the years and it comes out particularly in our live shows. It’s kind of like our version of it but a bit more modern.

Any plans for upcoming releases? Have you been recording anything new lately?

We are working on a collaboration album but we haven’t finished anything yet. We’re aiming to produce for other artists and collaborate with people we admire.

Craziest thing to happen to you in Fremantle/Perth?

We played a festival in WA called Nannup festival. I managed to miss the my plane from Canberra and we basically had to get a last minute ticket and get a hire car but managed to get there 5 minutes before our set started.

Lastly, what are Tijuana cartels plans for 2017? Any new music?

We’re going to Europe, and that album release later in the year.