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Music Interview: Futuristic

Words By: Laurent Shervington

It’s been about a year and a half since your viral ‘Nerd Rap’ video came out, what’s changed since then?

Literally everything has changed. The Nerd rap propelled me into the next level. It introduced me to a ton of people who went on to look at the rest of my music and become fans.

Would you still consider yourself an Internet artist? What would you say are the positives and negatives of using the Internet for promoting music?

At this point I would still consider myself an Internet artist, but I’m working on changing that as we speak. The positives about it is that you know you did it all on your own and the fans are usually pretty die hard. Not only that but they are accustomed to buying music.

The negatives are that you’re not gettin the mainstream promotion like the radio. Not to mention the fact you are constantly on your phone/computer promoting your own stuff.

Your new album ‘As Seen On The Internet’ came out a few months ago, what do you think separates it from your other work?

“As Seen On the Internet” was my first “themed” album. It’s different because of the concepts that I discuss and the rollout plan was much different.

Your video for ‘No Service’ came out recently, showing a pretty clear critique of obsessive phone culture – do you think this problem will fade over time or get worse as technology gets better?

I think that as time goes by people will realize that social media isn’t everything and that their life moves on without it haha. I personally was on my phone so much while making the album that it made me reevaluate myself and my goals and it has kept me OFF of my phone ever since.

So this is your first time in Australia, what are you expecting? Anything special on your to do list?

I’m coming into this with no expectations. Im just excited to see some places Ive never been too before.

What can our audiences expect from your show?


What’s next for Futuristic?

Everything! I’m launching my clothing line, I have other business endeavors and I’m obviously making more music, very different music and taking things to a more mainstream level. It’s only up from here 🙂

Futuristic plays the Rosemount Hotel on the 17th of December.