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Premiere: Doublethink Prism – Kavemann (Modern)

Words By: Laurent Shervington

Here at Rotunda we’re super excited to be able to premiere the new video for ‘Kavemann (Modern)’ by Doublethink Prism, a newly formed local experimental duo.

Spawned from the creative talents of producer Alyian (Steven Aaron Hughes) and Perth poet-come-troubadour Splodge (Marcus John), Doublethink Prism’s style lies somewhere in the grimy psychotic realms of Suicide, Death Grips and Einstürzende Neubauten-yet is clearly in it’s own unique creative lane.

The video for ‘Kavemann’ simultaneously matches and mismatches the chaotic aural experience, as we see Splodge parade around various Perth monuments (from the Mount Lawley anthropomorphic-cyclists to the inner CBD Cactus) mouthing lines and displaying some truly inspired dance moves. The duo’s penchant for catchy hooks (“FUCK THAT, WE’RE NOT THAT MODERN”) over chaotic instrumentals comes through perfectly on the track, be sure to check out their recently released debut album ‘Negro Tetris’ on bandcamp for more.

Doublethink Prism are playing at The Bird on Thursday the 1st of December, check out the event.