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Gig Review: Rotunda Media Showcase at Jimmy’s Den 17th of December

“Gee wiz doc, it’s really working!” I exclaimed, my eyes fixated on the pulsing metallic structure before me. Today was the day my grandpa had finally got his time machine to work and I was set to be the first to use it.

“Alright Jack, yee be careful with this one”

“Of course Doc!”

“So where would yee like to go?”

I gave myself a minute to think. Where did I want to go? Go back to the Middle Ages? Stop the JFK assassination? No, I’ve got it!

“Take me to the future Doc! I want to be on 69 James Street, Northbridge, Perth Australia at 8pm on the 17th of December.”

“Gee Jack, are you sure? You could go to any period on history but you just want to go a few weeks ahead? Australia?”

“Yeah Doc, don’t you know? It’s the Rotunda Media Showcase at Jimmy’s Den that night. They’ve booked 5 bands for the show and we’re all so excited!”

“Whoa that does sound great, alright you go enjoy yourself Jack”

I stepped through the doorway and into the machine.

“Here we go!!!” shouted Doc, his voice trailing off as the swirling lights started getting faster and the noise of the machine got louder and louder.


I came to and assessed my surroundings. I was in a toilet stall at the Brass Monkey. Close enough! I skipped across the street and started lining up at Jimmy’s Den. I saw what looked to be the manager of the venue next to the door, vaping.

“Hey is this the Rotunda Media Showcase line?”

“Uhh no”

“What? I thought they were having an event tonight?”

“Not anymore, here at Jimmy’s Den we’d prefer to book a bigger band rather then deal with those guys”

“Oh ok, that’s kind of lame. Did you let Rotunda know this was going to happen?”

“No we didn’t, we’ve recently surpassed 4,600 likes on Facebook so feel like we don’t need to adhere to common etiquette like returning emails about booking confirmation”

“Oh geez that’s a bit rude”

“Hey what can I say, we’re a business man”

If you’d like to book a fantastic gig at Jimmy’s Den, simply email and they’ll set up the gig of your dreams.