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Interview: The Sinking Teeth

Words By: Erin Puccinelli

Where are you right now?

I’m in the emporium food court in Melbourne CBD, neck deep in tofu curry don, mass consumerism & the down fall of humanity.

For those who don’t know The Sinking Teeth, describe the band with three words.

Exotic Tahitian Rock.

So you’ve recently released your first album ‘Songs From The Bottom Of The Lake’, and you’ve independently made and distributed it. What was the process like?

It was a long process. We wrote the songs and then sporadically recorded the album over the course of a year at Studios In The City in Melbourne. The album is self funded and self released. We funded it by working in a call centre, taking photos of plus sized women’s wear & counselling criminals in a prison.

Do you have any advice for people independently distributing music?

Do a run of Vinyl and sell them at your shows and on BandCamp. Online distribution for downloads and streaming can be done via Track your sales. Maintain your friendships and call your parents once a week. On Wednesday’s take a little time for yourself. You deserve it.

You’ve stated before that your music tastes contradict each others. How important are other artists in The Sinking Teeth’s writing and production and is there conflict?

To avoid conflict we had Bono & Cher ghost write our album while drinking espresso yolo’s in a hot tub that was full of goblin blood. Both of them cried during the process but we found it was the only way to get the results we were after.

You’re playing the Rotunda Media showcase this Saturday night at The Odd Fellow in Fremantle. What can we expect from your set?

Three dudes. 10 songs. A shit load of party poppers. A projected effigy of Bon Scott riding a penguin with flames painted on it’s flippers. Canons that fire fishless pasta bake all over the audience because pasta bake with fish in it is completely fucked. The severed leg of an anonymous sailor. Heaps of bowls of free fruit. Sand in your undies. Dogs with lasers strapped to their legs burning holes in the floor. And absolutely nothing else.