Illegal Movie Sharing Websites Actually Getting Proper Banned In Australia

Smoko Henderson

The Federal Court of Australia have ordered Australian internet providers to block five popular but illegal movie sharing websites in the next 2 weeks.

IsoHunt, SolarMovie, Pirate Bay, Torrent Hound and Torrentz are now legally required to be banned in Australia.

The CEO of Village Roadshow told reporters today that he intended to take 50 more movie sharing websites to court in the future.

Discussions about the censure of movie sharing websites in Australian cyberspace have been travelling around courts, parliaments and media circles for a number of years.

Copyright holders in question will be charged a total of $250 for the ban, with each website ban requiring a $50 payment from the copyright holders to the internet providers.

To put the ban in place, Foxtel for example will have to file an affidavit.

Foxtel and Village Roadshow were the two notable production agencies involved in the court case bringing action against the five websites banned.

While it’s no surprise that the ban has come in place – a cynic might even say it comes surprisingly late – it will be an interesting situation if a production agency need only pay $50 to take a website offline in Australia.

Australia has some of the world’s highest consumption rates of pirated content online.