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Interview: Black Stone From the Sun

Words By: Erin Puccinelli, Image credit: Sugar Content

sup Black Stone, where are you right now?

At home, sippin’ on a cordial.

You released your EP ‘old as culture/ vice versa’ at the start of the year. What’s your 2016 been like since?

We went on our second national tour with those songs and made a bunch of new friends along the way. We played some sick shows back home and I got a pet emu.

Any favourite memories from the shows you’ve done since?

Yah-Yah’s in Melbourne went off. We played with some of our buddies from Perth that had moved there, so they showed us the ropes to Melbourne living.

So I hear you’ve got a full-length album coming out in the early months of 2017, can you tell us anything about it?

Yep! Overall it’s pretty fast paced, pretty heavy, there’s some pretty crazy noises at times and we’re revisiting one of the first songs we wrote together too.

Mitch McDonald from The Love Junkies helped you out on it. What’s it like working with him?

It’s always fun. He pushes us for the best but without being a Grandad about it. And his extra ideas for the songs are tip-top.

Biggest influences on the album musical and non-musical wise?

Bands like Wavves, Jeff the Brotherhood and Weezer have been pretty influential for a while now. There’s a pretty clear 90’s thing going on but we’re on the cusp of a darker and heavier sound this time.

You’re also playing the Rotunda Media x Gun Fever showcase on the 17th. What can we expect from your set?

Loud noises, new songs and sweaty clothes.