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RTRFM Distant Murmurs Interview Quickies – Empty

Words by Laurent Shervington
Featured image: Painting by Kellie Orr, photographed by Matsu 

Hey Empty, what’s up? 

I’ve been taking advantage of the holiday break and mixing down my solo album with Dan Carroll at Rada Studios. I recently played violin for London Grammar on their Australian tour, that was a pretty rad way to banish 2016

How would you describe your style of Hip-hop compared to other Perth rappers?

I’m a rapper / beatmaker / instrumentalist, which means I have a set of skills that most rappers don’t. I write and play all the music on my tracks (there’s no samples), and then later score parts for live instrumentation. And as a rapper I often adopt an autobiographical confessional manner, touching on things that others might find difficult to say on stage with a band. I’ve been hugely influenced by Charles Bukowski / Joe Matt / El-P. Lastly I also sing quite a bit during the set, not something you see other Perth rappers do much of.

The word is you’re playing a special set with a string section, can you tell me a bit more about that?

As a violin player myself, I’ve always enjoyed using strings in hip hop music, so I thought why not bring that to the live show? And if I was doing that I didn’t want them just playing token pad parts, I wanted them to work hard. But don’t forget Dylan Hooper on Synths and Vocals! Dude is a beast of a musician and I’m stoked to have him as part of the live band.

What do you think it is about the combination of strings and raps that sounds so good?

Strings sections are so luscious and rich a texture that when utilised properly can elevate rap to something almost cinematic.

Got any must see bands or artists at DM?

The Boost Hero Man, Flower Drums, Em Burrows to name a few, the lineup is massive.

You can catch Empty at Distant Murmurs this Saturday at the Rosemount Hotel. Tix here

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