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RTRFM Distant Murmurs Interview Quickies – Sail On! Sail On!

Words by Laurent Shervington

**All answered by Skinny.**

1. Hey guys, what’s up?

So much. This last week I’ve turned 30, got engaged and released an album. I also stood on a row of staples and punctured my foot. Solid 90% start to the year.

2. Your debut record You Are Not You was released on the 5th of January, what was the recording process like?

It was actually really relaxed, for the most part. We recorded drums live as a full band to get the feel, and then spent a couple of weeks with Matthew Templeman tracking guitars and vocals. He’s an old mate so it was really good just hanging out, eating Re-Store rolls and trying to put together a cohesive release.

3. What themes are you dealing with in the album and what influenced the songwriting?

The album is about people and how we don’t tend to see the bigger picture – that we’re all human and all kinda in this together. There’s a lot about me processing my own understanding of my character flaws and trying to see things from a different perspective. Like, on Four, I think I was originally mad about property prices and the baby boomer mentality that goes along with it all. It turned into a really melancholic story of retirement and loss through a property crash, a longing to go home and a realisation that you can’t take anything with you when you die.

4. How do you think the songs with change in a live setting?

We’ve had to become pretty inventive in a couple of parts – like the preacher introduction on No Thieves. The original recording was taken on my phone when we were on tour in Melbourne, and I’ve still got it saved. I hold my phone up to my guitar pickup and it plays through my amp. Works well unless someone calls me ahha. There’s also a couple of vocal parts we have changed, just so I don’t pass out during the show. Etho covers most of it while playing really off-timed guitar licks, it’s pretty intense.

5. Finally what are your must see bands at Distant Murmurs 2017?

I caught Flower Drums at BIGSOUND last year and they were incredible, I’m hanging out to see them again. I’ve heard heaps of good stuff about Oosterbanger too, and Lionizer are mates of ours. Honestly I’m probably just going to float between stages and take it all in! It’s an incredible line-up of really interesting new music.

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