Shutdown of The Shed Tavern Leaves Fringe Artists Cash Strapped

Smoko Henderson
Pictured: Owner of The Shed Tavern 
Photo stolen off Perth Now 

The sudden and unforeseen closure of Perth’s Skye Bar, owned by the Shed Tavern pty ltd – yeah, that Shed – has left local artists forced to issue ticket refunds due to Fringe World policies.

While new venues have been found for all the artists involved, the move puts the spotlight on protections surrounding artists.

Skye Bar was meant to host several performances.

According to a press release we received from LaughMob last Friday:

Sydney-based comedian Ruven Govender was hosting dozens of shows at the venue for Fringe World and was working closely with the venue prior to the closure.

“It’s crazy, we worked so hard for months leading up to this tour; we’ve poured everything into it, and then a week out we lose everything.”

The owner of Skye Bar was locked out of the venue after it was repossessed a week and a half ago.

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