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Review: Kishi Bashi & Teeth + Tongue at PIAF 2017

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Kaoru Ishibashi (aka Kishi Bashi) is a pretty talented guy. His resume will gladly tell you he’s toured as a violinist for Regina Spektor, of Montreal, Sondre Lerche and Jupiter One, making him somewhat of a backstage cornerstone in the early 2010s indie pop world, alongside Zach Condon and Win Butler.

Kishi Bashi’s own solo show lies somewhere between eras, utilising banjo, violin but also vocal looping and beat boxing to create a undeniably folky but grand feeling performance. Playing a selection of songs from his latest album Sonderlust and previous releases, Ishibashi’s 3-piece band looked incredibly at home creating improvisations with the frontman, who added layers and layers of violin and vocal loops to the mix. Towards the end of the set Ishibashi played a handful of songs solo, including a gorgeous take of “I Am The Antichrist To You” which was greatly appreciated by the crowd. Other favourites such as “Bright Whites” and the closer “Manchester” made an appearance, with dedicated fans and onlookers surely satisfied by the good natured feeling of the performance.

Teeth + Tongue took to the stage a little before 10pm to showcase tracks off their 2016 record Give Up on Your Health, a jaunty synth-pop record with some very strong singles. As the set moved through it’s paces, the bluesy “Your Ghost Is the Hardest to Kill” and the upbeat new-wave stylings of “Dianne” brought out the band’s more synth-heavy moments. When the band employs their Microkorg and Juno in tandem, the result can only really be described as euphoric, or gargantuan. Closing with the unashamed pop number “Turn, Turn, Turn” the band showed their knack for catchy hooks and lively instrumentals.