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Hot Freaks Interviews: Glass Wave

Words By: Laurent Shervington, Interviewee: Sean Lee

How’s it going guys?

Great, thanks! We’ve been writing music, spending time in the studio, and playing some rad shows with our friends. You know, all the good stuff.

So ‘Discomposure’ came out last month and was well received by a lot of national sources, what’s it been like watching the praise come in?

It’s been incredible. The amount of praise and support that we’ve received, from both our music and our live show, has blown us away.

Discomposure was released digitally in December, and on tape last month. We put a couple of tracks up on Triple J Unearthed on January 1st, and it must have been the first thing that they saw when they came back into the office for the year, because a few days later Discomposure was being played on Home & Hosed across the nation. Alistair called me up and was like, ‘check your phone, Facebook’s going nuts!’

It’s funny, we were buried in the studio, thinking ‘man, it’ll probably be months or years before anyone even cares about us or our music.’ We’re so thankful and so lucky to be in Australia where there’s people like Triple J actively helping and grow and promote the local music scene.

You guys have been supporting a bunch of huge bands recently, which one have you learnt the most from?

Hockey Dad are absolute bloody legends. We learn something from every band we play with, whether it’s feedback, advice, or just observing and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I think the biggest thing we’ve learned is that good things take time, and lots of hard work. People are always coming up to us and saying, ‘What, you guys have only been a band for six months? We’ve been playing for five years!’ I think we’re lucky to have had a lot of exposure early on, but it’s still up to us to knuckle down and make it happen.

Of course, we have to talk about the Hockey Dad tour in February, what were the highlights of that trip?

Probably the best weekend of my life. It was the first time we’d ever played a show outside of Perth, so it was cool getting a feel for what it’s like to tour with other bands. We were surprised with the turnout for the Mandurah show, I think it ended up selling out and the crowd was crazy.

And of course, the sold out Scarborough show. We walked into the venue, a tiny little dark room about the size of my lounge room, and couldn’t even imagine how 300 people would fit in there. It was definitely the most packed gig I’ve ever seen. I remember having to help set up Billy’s kit for him ten minutes after they were meant to start, because he was busy getting sideways with a chick back in his hotel room.

What other bands on the Hot Freaks lineup are you keen to see?

There’s so many great bands! Grim Fandango, of course. FOAM, Screamfeeder, Red Jezabel, Sly Withers, Joys…

Finally, what lies in the future for Glass Wave?

A couple of shows which are going to be nuts, more music, maybe a music video, plus we’re working on some things with some good friends of ours. We’ve got a stacked year ahead, and it’s going to be a heap of fun.

Glasswave join Grim Fandango, Red Jezebel, Sincerely, Grizzly and more at Hot Freaks on Friday May 19 at Badlands Bar. Tickets on sale now from Oztix.