Low Blow: Location of Sneaky Tony’s Confidential Until 2045 Says CIA’s Mike Nahan

Words by Smoko Henderson

Protecting Colin Barnett today, Canadian(?) CIA-android Mike Nahan deemed the location of Sneaky Tony’s prohibited to public access until 2045.

The location to Sneaky Tony’s is embedded within a highly suppressed Business Case for the Roe 8 Freight Link project, today deemed confidential and put under ministerial embargo.

This means the location of iconic rum bar Sneaky Tony’s is hidden for 30 years.

The embargo means documents cannot be accessed by any member of the public online, in any library, or via the State Records Office.

The ban has been retrospectively enacted from 2014—not retrospective enough.

28 years until we can enjoy rum.

Speculations the Business Case produced for initial Freight Link plans was non-satisfactory were repeatedly dismissed by the Colin Barnett Premiership.

Clearly, they have something to hide.