Do You Guys Remember Something About a Wetlands? I Think I Remember Something About A Wetlands

Words by Smoko Henderson 

Citizens of Perth have been overcome in droves by a sense of internal frustration.

The cause: not being able to entirely recall what the deal about the Wetlands recently was.

What we do know is that recently Wetlands were in the news a lot, as this has been confirmed by the independent presence of news.

Secondly, there are many Wetlands around Perth. If true, there is a decent chance there was something to do with a Wetlands.

Let’s look at the world around us for clues: roads, trees, and sea. Roads often lead to the sea. Trees adorn the sides of roads.

But what was it about those pesky wetlands?

It’s almost certain the government were involved—after all, the government is sometimes next to Wetlands.

No one is really sure where exactly the Wetlands were meant to be, but internal sources say they were near Cockburn.

There are a lot of things near Cockburn: ice skating, go karting, Kwinana.

There is lots of stuff next to Kwinana: distant roads, wetlands, dead fish.

But I am sure there was also a Wetlands near Cockburn.

Does anyone remember?