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Perth Weekly News Wrap-up: Who Took Notes? I Forgot to Take Notes

Ah yes, it’s that time of the week again—the news wrap up! This is where we discuss the wild, weird and woke of Western Australian news, events, and anything else that pops up.

It’s just that – do you guys have any notes?

Usually we’re pretty prepared. We wouldn’t normally be asking for this kind of thing, right before the weekly wrap, but to be honest, we found it hard to pay attention this week.

I’ve just sort of been going through a hard time with Amelia, she’s on my mind while Mark McGowan is talking, Roger Cook says something, Leigh Sales – I dunno. I’m pretty sure I missed some stuff.

Can I please borrow your notes?

As far as I know, the children’s hospital is all messed up because the brass fittings are the source of lead.

That can’t make sense, right? I don’t know,  I wasn’t listening.

Jesus, tell me someone has notes.