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Fringe Review: No Way Rosé

Words By: KS

Rose Callaghan’s stand-up comedy herded in a full house for her final show at Perth Fringe Fest’s RAMP on Monday night.

I didn’t really know what to expect from this show after reading a fairly nondescript write-up of what Rose Callaghan had on offer. Like most audience members, I had come straight to the gig from what seemed like a long monotonous day at work, but Rose managed to turn this particular crowd around all the way to high-pitch witch-cackle at all the things that one doesn’t ever talk about.

Rose’s humour points particularly to the insecurities that many of us 90s gals go just short of ugly crying about: intimate vag waxing procedures, being screwed over by budget airlines and douchebag partners, and patiently waiting for the older generation to pass over so that we may have a chance of entering the housing market they’ve left for us.

While the show is fab for a range of ages, I felt that some of the jokes weren’t fully understood by a minority of the crowd, who were perhaps too mature to understand what RedTube and a few other things were. But for the most part Rose was incredibly witty, strong and gave a spot-on description of many of our Aussie demographics. Her sassy anecdotes hit all the right notes.

I would definitely recommend No Way Rosé. Rose held the crowd from start to finish. All in all, a very enjoyable show!