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Fringe Interview: Nic Monisse and Grant Mushet ‘A Different Class’

Words By: KS

A Different Class – Nic Monisse & Grant Mushet’ is a world premiere – an exciting treat for Perth Fringe goers! What can we expect from your show? What makes A Different Class funny?

GM: We’re two of the funniest new comers in Perth. We’ve been grafting hard for the past few years and this is the best of our material over an hour. It’ll be fast paced, fun, punchy and guaranteed entertainment.

NM: You can expect to see two of the best heads of hair in Perth comedy. What makes this show so funny? It’s that we have had completely different life experiences, but both look at the world in a similarly upbeat and energetic way –that’s the point of difference.

How did you get into comedy? Who or what do you look toward when creating content or when you’re up on stage?

GM: Just fancied doing it for a while then signed up to an open mic at the Edinburgh Comedy Stand called Red Raw. Been doing regular spots ever since. I usually just take something that’s funny to me and run with it.

NM: I used to come home from school and watch stand-up comedy on Youtube, but I never thought about doing it myself until I gave a speech at mate’s 21st and brought the house down! When I’m making content now, I think about what gets me excited or worked-up, and it all sort of falls out from there.

Your Fringe write up for ‘A Different Class’ describes you both as coming from different worlds. How did you meet? Did you always know you’d both click as a comedy duo?

GM: We met at an open mic room a couple years ago… To be honest, this is the first show we’ve done together so who knows if we’ll click, give it a couple weeks, we might not still even be mates.

NM: When we met, I was definitely a better comic than Mush, but he’s definitely improving – ha! We hang out a lot outside of comedy, which will give us good chemistry on stage. We’ve done roast battles against each other before, where I think this chemistry is obvious – you can check them out on our social media pages.

GM: Yeah, definitely check out those roasts. We’ve done two. Your next question could be asking Nic how many he’s won… “improving” – pffft.

Nic – you seem to have a reputation as an urban designer as well as a stand up comedian. What’s your involvement with these two industries? Do they ever overlap?

NM: I’m half stand-up, half urban designer – it’s interesting to inhabit both worlds as they are so different. There’s definitely an overlap in that they’re both extremely creative. I’m trying to zero in on an overlap by making funny, but informative, media and content about cities and the places we live. You can check it all out on my Instagram @nicmonisse.

GM: Only half comedian – story checks out!

Grant – What do you do aside from comedy acts? Did you always know that performing was what you wanted to do?

GM: As little as possible, that’s why I moved to WA… Jokes, I get up to all sorts. Pretty outdoorsy and a complete tourist so always out and about doing random stuff. Just check out my insta or twitter to find out more: @grantmushet

NM: Worth mentioning how often he gets sunburnt when he’s being “outdoorsy” – classic Brit. 

What do you think of the comedy scene in Perth? What’s the future looking like for WA comedians, and what role does Fringe play in this?

GM: It’s fun and exciting. I go to comedy pretty much every night of the week and it’s always a good mix of people at various locations all through Perth having a good time.

NM: We’re lucky in that we’ve got a number of open mic rooms, that always pull good crowds, and a dedicated comedy club in the city now – the future’s looking really bright. Fringeworld gives a lot of local talent an opportunity to test themselves as performers, which is incredibly valuable and important.

Do you have any recommendations on other shows to watch at this year’s Fringe Fest?

GM: Cameron Mclaren – 6056, Comedians vs Rappers, Rory Lowe – Get Rich or High Trying, and Nadia Collins – Virgin Bloody Mary

NM: There’s so many! Ben Darsow and John Robertson are always unreal. I also loved Club Swizzle and A Simple Space.

 What else do you have planned for 2018? Will you keep performing together, or have you got any other solo gigs coming up?

GM: We’re going to Adelaide Fringe, then that’s it. Man’s a nightmare.

NM: Adelaide and then a well-earned rest, before gearing up for a big second half of the year. If we stay friends after all this, you might see us together again.

A Different Class will be showing at The Craft – Beer and Cider Garden every Friday and Saturday this February.

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