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Review: Nic Monisse and Grant Mushet

Words By: KS

Nic Monisse’s and Grant Mushet’s ‘A Different Class’ was packed to the brim on their opening night on Friday – and for good reason. The crowd was receptive, the venue was snug – a perfect mix for a night which makes people leave in high spirits.

The show opened with Mushet’s witty anecdotes on his move to Rockingham from Scotland, dabbling with housemates and people that have screwed him over. Mushet had the audience immediately engaged with tales of his adventures as a new arrival in WA. While the flow between some of the gags will probably become smoother as the pair do more performances, Mushet’s punch lines were consistently delivered well. Of the two comedians, Mushet’s humour is probably darker, with fantastic dirty jokes and stories about drugs and car crashes that had the audience cracking up right he way through. Mushet had the audience in the palm of his hands, and left the room with a buzzing atmosphere for the rest of the show.

The second half of the show featured Nick Monisse, who played the audience well with banter about flat whites, voluntourism and cyclists – some of the hallmarks of Western Suburbs ~culture~. Monisse had the crowd cackling out loud with his impersonations, which I definitely thought was one of his comedic assets. At times it took him a while to get to the punch lines, but they were well worth the wait, and always ended with the audience cracking up, and with booming smiles.

The pair played the class divide theme well, with some great references to Aussie culture. The audience participation was at just the right level – too much more would have perhaps been awkward, but any less wouldn’t have made for an engaging night.

This is a show I would definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues – and it’s a treat because ‘A Different Class’ will be showing throughout February.

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4/5 Stars