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Review: Jokes Magotes

Words By: KS


Colin Ebsworth hit the crowd with his dynamic stand-up comedy ‘Jokes Magotes’ on Saturday. Nestled in Fremantle’s Sail & Anchor, his witty and real social commentary had members screeching at the back, and others literally doubled over in their chairs to cushion their laughter.

Jokes Magotes is not a show for minors, or the faint-hearted. The crowd is eased into some of the more honest humour – where the lighter topics such as Bunnings trips and the tribulations with Q tips had giggles from the audience in all directions. Yet, as the night goes on, Ebsworth treats some truly weighty issues with satisfyingly grating humour.

The show has impact – Ebsworth is well informed. The peak of the show featured anecdotes on pertinent social and political issues of our day – LGBTIQ+ rights, US-security relations, gender equality and his own grapples with mental health. Despite the weight of these topics, Ebsworth’s jokes hit the point – they are simply funny.

At times I felt that Ebsworth could afford to make his language even more inclusive, given the social-equality-based topics he touched on. However, his show successfully turned pertinent, everyday experiences into great gags, whilst being upfront, progressive and punchy.

If you’re looking for a hilarious night, Jokes Magotes is definitely worth a go. Ebsworth’s years of comedy experience shines in this show, so attendees can be sure they’ll get their money’s worth.

Jokes Magotes is now showing every night in Perth at the Hellenic Club WA from the 21st – 25th. You can grab your tix here.